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French Primary Sentence Builders - BOOK 2 - is a workbook aimed at beginner students, co-authored by four modern languages educators with over 80 years of extensive classroom experience between the four, both in the UK and internationally.

This ‘no-frills’ book contains 7 units of work on very popular themes, jam-packed with graded vocabulary-building, listening, reading, translation, retrieval practice and writing activities. Key vocabulary, lexical patterns and structures are recycled and interleaved throughout.

Each unit in the book includes:

- a sentence builder modelling the target constructions, introduced by questions to guide communication;

- a set of Listening-As-Modelling activities to train decoding skills, sound awareness, speech-segmentation, lexical-retrieval and parsing skills;

- a set of reading tasks focusing on both the meaning and structural levels of the text;

- a set of translation tasks aimed at consolidation through retrieval practice;

- a set of writing tasks targeting essential writing micro-skills such as spelling, functional and positional processing, editing and communication of meaning.

Based on the E.P.I. principle that learners learn best from comprehensible and highly patterned input flooded with the target linguistic features, the authors have carefully designed each and every text and activity to enable the student to process and produce each item many times over. Alongside the units you will find: No Snakes No Ladders tasks created to practise speaking skills with an engaging and fun board game that can be photocopied and played in groups of 3 students.

Please note that both The Language Gym and websites are an ideal supplement to this booklet. Our websites recycle every single lexical and structural item found in this book many times over via self-marking vocabulary and reading workouts, in addition to engaging and fun games and a powerful vocab, listening, sentence & verb trainer.

This book is fully photocopiable but may not be scanned and shared