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As the title clearly suggests, this resource is intended for GCSE exam revision with a focus on the consolidation of high-frequency and high-surrender-value words and lexical chunks. Since the content closely matches the vocabulary included in our French GCSE Revision, “ Environment, Health & Career” the two books should be used together for best results.

The design of the ‘quickies’ is based on the key principle that durable vocabulary learning is more likely to occur when lexical items are processed deeply, repeatedly and at every level of grain, i.e. meaning, syntax, lexicogrammar, orthography. Accordingly, each quickie recycles the key vocabulary several times over; builds word associations; elicits deeper level of cognitive investment on the part of the learners and includes tasks which involve semantic processing and others which involve a focus on collocations, colligations, grammar and spelling. In order to cater for differentiated learning, we have included two sets of quickies per unit: a foundation-level set and a higher-level set, the latter including more challenging vocabulary and tasks.

Each unit ends with a productive retrieval-practice assessment which may be used to test summatively the uptake of the vocabulary practiced in each unit or merely as an extra revision tool. 

The revision quickie’s format has been tried and tested for years, and is based on the huge success of Dr Gianfranco Conti’s GCSE French and Spanish revision quickies, the most downloaded language learning resources of all times on

We hope both you and your students find this book useful.

Gianfranco, Ronan & Dylan