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Chinese Sentence Builders is a workbook aimed at beginner to pre-intermediate students co-authored by three modern languages educators with over 50 years of extensive classroom experience between the two, both in China, the UK and internationally.

This ‘no-frills’ book contains 19 units of work on very popular themes, jam-packed with graded vocabulary-building, reading, translation, retrieval practice and writing activities. Key vocabulary, lexical patterns and structures are recycled and interleaved throughout.

Each unit includes:

  • 一个汉语组句结构法的目标句型;

a sentence builder modelling the target constructions;

  • 一系列用以巩固组句结构法的组词练习;

a set of vocabulary building activities which reinforce the material in the sentence builder;

  • 通过不同的关注于文本意思层面和文本结构层面的练习来进行文本精读;

a set of narrow reading texts exploited through a range of tasks focusing on both the meaning and structural levels of the text;

  • 一系列的翻译练习旨在通过检索信息的练习(retrieval practice)进而巩固学习成效;

a set of translation tasks aimed at consolidation through retrieval practice;

  • 一系列的写作练习用于强化微写作技巧,如:拼写,对(词句)功能和(信息)位置的处理,编辑以及意义的传达。

a set of writing tasks targeting essential writing micro-skills such as spelling, functional and positional processing, editing and communication of meaning.

Based on the Extensive Processing Instruction (E.P.I.) principle that learners learn best from comprehensible and highly patterned input flooded with the target linguistic features, the authors have carefully designed each and every text and activity to enable the student to process and produce each item many times over.